Smart Liposuction

Smart Liposuction laser body sculpting permanently destroys fat cells, adding the benefits of laser light energy to traditional liposuction for a quicker recovery and a skin-tightening bonus. This revolutionary, less-invasive body contouring treatment is ideal for problem areas of your body that will not respond to diet and exercise alone.

How Does Smart Liposuction Work?

The laser-assisted lipolysis procedure uses a one millimetre tube inserted through and under the skin into the subcutaneous fat. A laser fibre inside the tube delivers energy directly to fat cells, causing them to rupture and drain away as liquid. Your body has a finite amount of fat cells so, once destroyed, new ones do not come back. Simultaneously, the tissue around the area coagulates and shrinks, resulting in overall tighter skin tissue.

The procedure requires only local anesthesia. Usually, only 1 treatment is required. Results can be seen within a week with continued improvement over 3 to 6 months.

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