Rhinoplasty, also known as “nose reshaping” or a “nose job”, can correct the shape of your nose after an injury, improve your nose function by removing obstructions and improve the size and look of your nose in relation to your other facial features.

Why a rhinoplasty?

There are three main reasons people choose to have a rhinoplasty:

Functional rhinoplasty: An obstruction can be relieved through nasal surgery to help improve the function of your nose, which helps you taste, smell and breathe.

Reconstructive rhinoplasty: A malformed nose, whether congenital or the result of an accident, can be corrected through a rhinoplasty.

Aesthetic rhinoplasty: Rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons enhances the shape and size of your nose so that it complements your facial features, for example, by making the nose lower and thinner so that it looks more refined.

Rhinoplasties for functional and reconstructive reasons, such as breathing correction, may be covered by provincial health insurance plans.

How does rhinoplasty work?

The surgery can be performed on an in- or out-patient basis under general anesthesia.

The nose is enhanced by extracting and reshaping bone and cartilage to remove humps, drooping tips and obstructions. In certain cases, the addition of tissue may be required for better function or more attractive results.

How will I heal from my rhinoplasty?

Incisions are made inside the nostrils so scars from a rhinoplasty should not be visible. In some rhinoplasties, an additional incision is made across the skin that separates the nostrils (the columella). This cut would also be inconspicuous. There is usually little pain and complications are rare.

With rhinoplasties, bruising and swelling will normally disappear during the first two to three weeks. Some swelling, stiffness and sensitivity to cold and direct sunlight will take several months to disappear completely.

Dr. Kevin O’Grady is a skilled Plastic Surgeon with surgical privileges at all three York Region hospitals. He will evaluate the shape of your face, the structure of your nasal bones and cartilage and the thickness and condition of your skin and work with you to ensure the most effective and attractive results.