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Gynaecomastia reductions, or male breast reduction, can restore the masculine shape of the chest and reduce embarrassment for men who develop breasts in a condition known as gynaecomastia.  Some people refer to these as “moobs” or “male boobs”.  This surgery is very popular among body builders.

In gynaecomastia, the male breast is enlarged as a result of an abnormal increase in glandular tissue. It can be caused by hereditary conditions, disease or certain drugs.  Men with an excess of fatty tissue in the chest, often related to obesity, may also wish to have a breast reduction performed to restore their male figure.

How does gynaecomastia reduction work?

When there is glandular and fatty tissue present, the Dr. O’Grady will excise, or remove by cutting, the excess tissue, fat and skin through an incision around the lower areola. The operation is performed under general anesthesia.  In many cases, this surgery is covered by OHIP.

In most cases, Dr. O’Grady will also offer liposuction to tailor the result that surgery cannot achieve alone.  The liposuction portion of the surgery is not covered by OHIP.

How will I heal from gynaecomastia reduction?

After a male breast reduction, most patients return to normal exercise within six to eight weeks, though healing times will vary depending on the extent of the procedure.  It is extremely important not to exercise or do anything strenuous during this period as bleeding can easily occur post-operatively.

Patients must wear a post-operative garment or vest for 4 to 6 weeks after their surgery.  This is important to achieve the best possible result.

The results of gynaecomastia reductions are normally permanent.

Dr. Kevin O’Grady will create a flatter, firmer and better-contoured chest to help restore your masculine shape and your confidence in your appearance.