Botox and Dysport

Considering doing a little something for yourself? Then consider BOTOX Cosmetic.

If you are wondering how it works and if it may be right for you, call our office and speak with our staff to arrange a consultation with Dr. O’Grady. He can provide you with accurate, helpful information about how BOTOX COSMETIC® works and can explain the benefits and risks as well.

Dr. Kevin O’Grady is a qualified BOTOX physician trained by the makers of BOTOX Cosmetic. He has undergone advanced training with BOTOX Cosmetic to ensure his skills are up-to-date and leading edge. Concerned with an un-natural result? You shouldn’t be if you are treated by an experienced doctor like Dr. O’Grady who has used BOTOX Cosmetic thousands of times over the years. As well, Dr. O’Grady’s skills as a Plastic Surgeon can help you choose other treatments, both surgical and non-surgical that can compliment the use of BOTOX Cosmetic.

It is Health Canada approved and treatments take just a few minutes.

Looking for an alternative to Botox? Try Dysport
Dysport is another popular non-surgical treatment used for the prevention of wrinkles. It uses a similar active ingredient as Botox Cosmetic and can be used for similar purposes when administered by a certified Plastic Surgeon. Dysport can help you to get rid of common aesthetic concerns, such as frown lines.

Dr. O’Grady treats all of his own patients personally. He meets with every patient not only the first time they are seen, but every time. He does not delegate the use of BOTOX Cosmetic or Dysport to anyone else.