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Age and heavy jewellery can make earlobes droopy, stretched or even torn, causing you to hide behind long hair. A simple repair can restore the look of your earlobes, allowing you to show your ears and wear earrings again.

As well, patients who have had their ear piercings stretched, or “Stretchers”, may have seconds thoughts about their body piercings and want to return their earlobes to original size with typical piercings. This can be safely done with excellent results with a short surgical procedure. Patients who have had inserts as large as 1.25 inches in diameter have been successfully treated with great results.

Piercing puts the lobes at risk for tears and stretching. With heavy earrings, lobes will stretch over time, and holes pierced too low can speed the process, eventually causing unattractive, stretched-out piercing holes or tears that may make you embarrassed of your ears and prevent you from wearing earrings.

Additionally, as we age, our earlobes can become long and droopy. Instead of hiding these problems behind hair, Dr. Kevin O’Grady can quickly restore the shape of your earlobe in a simple, safe repair.

How does earlobe repair work?

To repair a torn lobe, the surgeon will cut away the healed skin on the inside of the torn earlobe and suture the edges back together. Scars caused by such procedures are minimal.

Droopy or stretched lobes can be repaired by doing a small tuck, lift or reduction in size.

Earlobe repair is most commonly performed in a single procedure under local anesthetic.

Dr. Kevin O’Grady will work with you to restore youthful looking lobes or repair torn ones for attractive results.