Look Years Younger with a Facelift in Toronto

Look Years Younger with a Facelift in Toronto
Are you tired of seeing deep wrinkles and sagging skin every time you look in the mirror? Whether it’s because of genetics, your lifestyle, or the aging process, these common signs of aging could have you yearning for the younger-looking you from years ago. Many patients dealing with the effects of aging enjoy numerous benefits from facelift surgery. This type of facial plastic surgery procedure can correct many facial signs of aging and take years off your appearance.

Maintain a Youthful Look with Facelift Surgery

You may have already noticed several signs of aging around the cheeks, temples, and neck area. From sagging skin to excess fatty deposits, these effects of aging are difficult to mask and may be giving away your age. If you’re feeling self-conscious about your appearance and are ready to make a positive investment in yourself, talk to us about the benefits of facelift surgery in Toronto.

Dr. O’Grady has extensive experience performing facial plastic surgery procedures in Toronto and will customize your facelift surgery to address all of your concerns. In some cases, this procedure can be combined with eyelid surgery to really open up the eye area and create a more vibrant and refreshed look.

What Can a Facelift Do for Me?

Dr. O’Grady will use a number of different techniques to enhance your facial appearance and rejuvenate the neck area. He can remove excess skin, tighten up and reposition some of the skin, and eliminate excess fatty deposits around the neck and jaw. The typical facelift procedure targets all of the common problem areas around the temples, neck, and cheeks.

Benefits of facelift surgery in Toronto include:

  • Take up to a decade off your appearance
  • Lasting results
  • Tightens and firms the skin
  • May involve repositioning muscles and tissues
  • Restores youthful facial contours
  • Can be combined with non-surgical treatments for enhanced results such as fat injections, dermal fillers or botulinum toxins.

You can learn more about the facelift and other skin rejuvenation options available to you during your consultation. Schedule your appointment for a Toronto facelift consultation with Dr. O’Grady today!